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Reference Materials :

​We offer reference books, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, pricing guides, maps, atlases, and many local history.  These materials may be used for research on site or photocopied, but may not be checked out. 

Local genealogy/History Room :

this Collection contains primary source material from local authors on history and development of Webster County. The library holds publications of the Webster County Historical Society. Most pioneer families of Webster County are covered. A substantial collection of the Webster County Newspaper Echo is on file arranged by date with obituaries in each issue noted. The room is accessible during library hours, however we urge you to call for appointment to visit in order to make sure professional staff available for assistance.

MEETING SPACE : Our Social Room is now occupied by the WV Division of Forestry. We do however still provide meeting spaces with media equipment and video conferencing equipment to use for your presentations. Call to schedule your sessions and we will be happy to accommodate.

Tax Forms :

​We offer State & Federal tax forms on-site during tax season.  If there you need forms that we do not have on hand, we are able to print them from the IRS website in most cases.

FAX Service:

​for sent faxes we  charge $2 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.   For receiving faxes, we charge $0.50 per page.

Photo Copier :

​We charge $0.50 per black and white page and $1.00 per color page. we also offer cloud email.

Printing from the Computer :

​We charge $0.50 fee per black and white page and $1.00 per color page.

Inter Library Loans :

​The webster-addison Public Library participates in an Interlibrary Loan service in order to obtain materials not available in our collection.  This service depends on the generosity of public and academic libraries across the state.  For security reasons interlibrary loan materials must be signed out from the front desk. In order to receive this privilege the borrower agrees to:  1.  Accept responsibility for materials between signing out and signing in. This includes cost of damage to or loss of borrowed item. 2. Return the materials by the date due marked on the interlibrary loan slip. Not returning materials to the lending library on time may jeopardize our ability to continue receiving interlibrary loan services from that library. Please make every effort to return this material by the due date.  Please note: Borrowers are required to have a valid library card in order to check out Interlibrary Loan materials.

Computer/Internet Access :

​The Library offers computer and internet access free of charge.  Patrons are given a 1 hour time limit for computer usage, however, we do not ask patrons to relinquish their computers unless we have other patrons waiting to use them.  We also offer wireless internet access. Wireless logins and passwords are available at the circulation desk. The library also offers laptop computers for use inside the building.

DVDs :

​We offer both popular release movies as well as children's movies on DVDs .

Audio Books :

​We offer a wide selection of books on CD and audio books for download to your personal player through the WV Reads program.  See the staff for more details. 

eBooks :

​Through the WV Reads program, we offer a selection of eBooks for download to your reading device.  Whether it's your laptop, an iPad, Kindle or Nook, the webster-addison library has a selection of eBooks that are compatible with your reading device.  See the staff for more details.

Story Hour :

Story hour is offered per request weekly for local toddlers and pre-k through first grade, depending on covid-19  precautions taken.


holiday children's activities:

These will be posted when scheduled.

book sale and free magazines:

we have an ongoing book sale within the library, and a free magazine rack.

book outreach:

The library offers book outreach to hacker valley and holly river state park.

friends of the library:

if you are interested in becoming a member of our "friends of the library," please contact us.

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