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Webster Addison Public Library has been serving the patrons of Webster and surrounding areas since the early 1970’s and is one of two public libraries in Webster County. Our purpose is to provide the community with reference services and access to printed/and or electronic materials as well as the current demand of online information and resources for both pleasure and education. Currently this library provides patrons, students, teachers and the general public these materials through free Wi-Fi and internet, audio, video and printed sources. Can’t find the book you are searching for??? We can most always obtain it through our inter-library loan program. We subscribe to a number of databases and e-resources to assist in research and recreational needs. Special services are also available in cases of visual and or physical impairments. Very popular services that many local citizens use are the faxing, copying, printing and assistance with multiple forms. The library is centrally located and has easy access for senior citizens, and has always been willing to provide facilities for social activities and meetings for businesses or other organizations. Media equipment is also provided for presentations as we recently upgraded from screen/projector to a new touchscreen smartboard. We also accommodate school instructors and home bound students during the school year. Children’s programs are growing and have been very successful. This includes story time, holiday events, and summer reading. Activities for children include puzzles, legos, video games, movies for their entertainment .We also provide library outreach services to local schools to give children otherwise unable to attend a local library the opportunity to have access to our collection. Another very interesting feature is access to our re-organized History and Genealogy Room which provides citizens with comfortable access to records and materials including state and local history, and lineages and family history.



New ideas and suggestions are always welcome as we are eager to foster the ever changing needs of our community. Please know that you are always welcome to come explore and relax with a magazine, book or enjoy wi-fi or internet, or explore articles of interest in the Genealogy Room at Webster Addison Public Library.

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